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9.2.8 Reserves members and medical documentation of injury


The situation for reserves members injured on training nights or annual camps is quite different to that of a full time serving ADF member. Reservists do not receive general, full-time medical care from the ADF. They access their own on-going medical care on the same footing as the rest of the general population. This means that most of the medical and treatment notes are not owned by the Department of Defence but are scattered among whatever medical providers the reservist chooses to consult.

Reservists will however receive health care (through Defence Health Services) for injuries or illness resulting from their Defence service until such times as the transfer of the member into the RCG scheme is complete. That is until a decision is made by RCG including the reconsideration process. Details of these processes are contained in DI(G) 16-1, amendment 4 dated 8 May 2002.