At registration, Defcare will automatically allocate a unique case number to the new claim. A new file folder should be raised to hold papers relating to this case. The process will result in the file being allocated a DVA 'TRIM' file number in addition to the Defcare reference. This is the same number.

The purpose of the TRIM reference is to trace the file folder within DVA's document management system. Note also that when a claimant is registered on aDVAnce they will also receive a Unique Identifying Number (UIN) and a VIEW reference similar to a VEA/MRCA reference. However, for the purposes of determining SRCA claims and file management it is the Defcare number which should be quoted as the primary reference.

Staff within RCG who register the claim on Defcare and raise a paper file will acknowledge the claim via letter to the client and forward the file to the relevant delegate/location for commencement of liability investigation.