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6.10.4 Archived Files


Once archived, RCG files remain with DVA until destroyed.  Older Defence archived files however become the property of Australian Defence Archives. Should RCG require information from a file held by Australian Defence Archives the following action is to be taken:

  • obtain the required record by completing the Request For Archived File proforma on the following page, and
  • once the record is received, if the file is a injury claim file, it should be rebadged with an appropriate Defcare file reference and stored within DVA. 
  • if the record is anything other than an injury claim file once finished with the record, return to the original Australian Archive repository.
Request for archived file

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988


OIC Registry

Registry Administration office

Registry Administration address

File Details:

Department of Defence File Reference Number

Trim Reference Number

File Title

File Required by:

Requesting officer


Contact telephone number

Detail RCG site

Reason for Request: