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General Exemptions from Deeming

Minister's power to exempt investments from deeming


Under the VEA, the Minister for Veterans' Affairs is the only person with the power to exempt:

from the deeming provisions. Requests for exemption should be forwarded to the Investment Data Base Unit in Sydney, and recommendations are then made to the Minister.

Income and assets test assessment

If the Minister grants an exemption, any return produced by the financial investment is assessed, even if the rate of return is greater than the applicable deeming rates. The asset value of a financial investment exempted from the deemed income rules will continue to be assessed under the assets test.    

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General exemption guidelines - for failed financial investments

In keeping with the policy intent of deeming, exemptions are granted only if the:

  • specified financial investments (or a class of financial investments) are not operating to provide returns, and
  • investors have no access at all to their investment capital (including cases where the investors have commenced all reasonable action to obtain access to the investment and the investment is currently inaccessible), and
  • cessation of returns and the inaccessibility of capital has been caused by either:
  • a legal impediment imposed by a third party (other than the investor or the fund manager); or
  • conditions not reasonably foreseeable when the investor obtained the investment (i.e. adverse economic conditions such as the 1987 share market crash or the 1990/91 property downturn).
Insufficient grounds for exempting financial investments

The poor performance of an accessible investment is insufficient grounds for exemption from the deemed income rules. If there are alternative options such as redemption and reinvestment of funds, exemptions will not be granted.

The Deeming Exemptions Register

The Deeming Exemptions Register contains details of all exemptions. The register also contains information on the asset value to be used for investments with companies and financial institutions in financial difficulty.    

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Assessment under the income and assets test

Chapter 9.1


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Reference Library – Deeming Exemptions Register



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Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

According to section 5J of the VEA, a financial investment means:

     but does not include an investment in an FHSA (within the meaning of the First Home Saver Accounts Act 2008) or a designated NDIS amount.