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Mobile Home


Last updated 12 January 2007

Types of mobile homes

The following types of residences are examples of what is considered to be a mobile home:

  • caravan,
  • boat,
  • transportable home,
  • vehicle, and
  • tent.
Assessment of a mobile home

The following table provides reference points for the assessment rules of certain types of mobile homes.    

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If the principal home is a mobile home in which the person has...

Then follow the assessment rules contained in ...

reasonable security of tenure,

Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules.    

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no reasonable security of tenure,

Non-Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules.    

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Mooring or site fees



Mobile home owners who pay a fee for the use of a site to situate the vehicle or structure, or a fee for the right to moor a vessel, may be eligible to receive rent assistance.    

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Caravan parks marketed as retirement parks

If a person purchases a mobile home and pays site fees to a caravan park that is marketed as a retirement park, they will be assessed as a mobile homeowner. These parks are not considered to be retirement villages.

Rent Assistance is an allowance which may be paid to a service pensioner, income support supplement (ISS) or veteran payment recipient to assist in meeting the cost of rental accommodation.

To receive rent assistance a pensioner must be paying rent (other than Government rent) for accommodation in Australia, and the amount paid must exceed a certain threshold.



According to subsection 5M(3) of the VEA, premises constitute a retirement village if:

  • the premises are residential premises; and
  • accommodation in the premises is primarily intended for persons who are at least 55 years old; and
  • the premises consist of one or more of the following kinds of accommodation:
  • self-care units;
  • serviced units;
  • hostel units; and
  • the premises include communal facilities for use by occupants of the units referred to above.