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9.2.5 Special Residence - Assessment Rules


This section demonstrates whether a person residing in a special residence should be considered to be a homeowner or non-homeowner and it also provides additional assessment rules for variations on these residences.

According to subsection 5MC(2) of the VEA a special residence is:

  • a retirement village; or
  • a granny flat; or
  • a sale leaseback home.



A person is a homeowner if they have a right or interest, which gives reasonable security of tenure in the principal home.

Refer to sections 52Q and 52R of VEA for the definition when determining if a person is a considered to be a homeowner when living in a special residence.  

A person is also considered to be a homeowner if they have sold their home in the previous 12 months and intend to use part or all of the proceeds to purchase another home.