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Benefits Available to the Card Holders


Last amended: 27 March 2014




Australian Government benefits available to PCC holders and their dependants (i.e. partner and dependent children listed on the PCC)

PCC holders and their dependants can receive the following Australian Government health concessions:

  • the cost of pharmaceuticals listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS),
  • bulk-billed GP appointments – at the discretion of the doctor,
  • a reduction in the cost of out-of-hospital medical expenses, through the Medicare safety net,
  • free hearing aids and batteries from the Office of Hearing Services,
  • free eyesight tests from optometrists who bulk bill Medicare, and
  • Subsidised prices for approved products for those registered in the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

PCC holders also have access to discounts on postal redirection fees.

State, territory and local government benefits

Benefits available to eligible pensioners by State, territory and local governments vary; however, they generally include the following group of core concessions:

  • reductions in local governments rates and other charges such as water, sewerage, gas and electricity,
  • transport concessions on state or territory rail, bus, tram and ferry services,
  • concessional pharmaceuticals at out-patient departments of State hospitals,
  • reductions in drivers' licenses and motor vehicle registration fees and, in some cases, rebates on third party motor vehicle insurance premiums and exemption from stamp duty on the insurance component of motor vehicle registration charges, and
  • free ambulance services in certain circumstances.
Non-core concessions

Some State/territory governments also provide a range of non-core concessions including ancillary health costs (dental, ambulance, aids for the disabled and spectacles), education fees, land tax, stamp duty, fishing licenses, entry to galleries, golf course fees and dog registration.



The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is a scheme established to make pharmaceuticals available to DVA and Centrelink pensioners and beneficiaries at concessional rates.