Definition of post 70/75 member


Once a person reaches their upper age limit in the pension bonus scheme, they become a post 70/75 member, and can no longer accrue further bonus periods.    

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Upper age limits for participation in the pension bonus scheme

5.6.2/Other Eligibility Requirements

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Working post 70/75 years of age


While a post 70/75 member can no longer accrue any more bonus periods, they can still defer pension, continue to work and remain eligible to claim bonus after they stop work, provided they continue to meet the work test for each subsequent year. If they fail the work test, they have 13 weeks to lodge a claim for the bonus.    

Post 70/75 member bonus and the work test

Only the periods accrued before becoming a post 70/75 member will be used in calculating their bonus. Registered partners of post 70/75 members can use the work performed by their partner, including work performed post 70/75 to pass the work test.