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Other Eligibility Requirements

Work continuity

In addition to deferring receipt of age income support pension, eligibility for the pension bonus scheme requires the person or their partner to maintain an attachment to the workforce whilst in the scheme.    

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Minimum of one full bonus year

A person must accrue at least one full year bonus period of 365 days to be qualified for a pension bonus. To accrue a full year bonus period, the person must pass the work test for that period.    

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Partner of member of the scheme can still claim pension

There is no restriction on the partner of a person registered for the scheme claiming or receiving income support. Conversely, there is no restriction on a person registering for the scheme where their partner is already in receipt of income support.

Interaction with other retirement schemes

Special rules apply in the case of people who have registered under the pension bonus scheme and given away their farm under the Retirement Assistance for Farmers Scheme or sugarcane farm under the Retirement Assistance for Sugarcane Farmers scheme.    

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