What was considered to be active involvement?


A person was considered to be actively involved in a farm enterprise if they:

Eligible descendant engaged in off-farm work

During periods of industry downturn, some eligible descendant may have been forced to obtain off-farm income as a result of the farm being unable to support the younger generation.

It was possible under RAFS to accept that an eligible descendant was actively involved in the farm for the three years immediately before the date of transfer, where they were forced to work off-farm, during all or part of the three year period.

Requirement to work on farm during annual breaks and holidays

During the three years immediately prior to transfer of the farm, an eligible descendant was required to contribute a proportion of their labour to the farm during term or annual breaks or holiday periods from their job, on weekends, or before or after work, where the eligible descendant was:

  • undertaking educational studies or training, or
  • working off-farm.

These rules were specific to the three-years immediately prior to transfer of the farm when the eligible descendant was:

  • Undertaking educational studies or training relevant to the farm, or
  • Working off-farm during periods of industry downturn.