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Centrelink Clearance

Purpose of a Centrelink clearance

Once a claim for pension is determined, it may become necessary to liaise with Centrelink. The purpose of such a liaison is to obtain a clearance from Centrelink, which enables DVA to calculate any:

  • arrears payable to the claimant, or
  • excess of overpayment, which is recoverable from the claimant.

As part of this process, a monetary adjustment is frequently made between the two departments.    

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When is a Centrelink clearance required?


A Centrelink clearance is required, where a claimant or their partner has declared that he or she:

  • is currently receiving a Social Security pension or Social Security benefit,
  • was recently receiving a Social Security pension or benefit, or
  • has applied or is likely to apply for a Social Security pension or benefit.

Note:  If a war widow/widower applies for ISS while he or she is receiving a Social Security pension or benefit, a request should be sent to Centrelink for that pension to be adjusted or the benefit to be cancelled.

Request for a clearance


A request for Centrelink clearance should clearly indicate the information required from Centrelink and the reason for requesting the clearance. All necessary details required by Centrelink in supplying the information should also be provided, including a record print of income and assets details.

Effect of a Centrelink clearance on fortnightly payments and arrears

The following table is a guide to the effect of a Centrelink clearance on the payment of pension and arrears:

If Centrelink Clearance is...

Then release...

not requested

fortnightly payment and arrears


fortnightly payment and hold arrears pending receipt of Centrelink clearance