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Inclusion of Obligation Information and Income & Assets Details

Commission's policy on communicating with the veteran community

The Commission[glossary:'s:] communication strategy aims to:

  • enhance understanding within the veteran community of their rights, benefits and obligations,
  • assist pensioners to comply with their obligations,
  • discourage unnecessary pensioner initiated reviews,
  • minimise intrusion whilst providing ease of access to information,
  • reduce the frequency and volume of obligation and income/asset information sent to pensioners, and
  • promote the booklet, You and Your Pension as a method for communicating obligation information.     More ?
When are full recorded income and assets details issued?

The Commission's policy is that full recorded income and assets details are provided to:

  • all pensioners at grant,
  • reduced rate pensioners at a minimum interval of once every 2 years (issued with the June advices),
  • all pensioners following full departmental review, and
  • reduced rate pensioners affected by a global reassessment of managed investment and share assets values.
Circumstances where full recorded income and assets details are not issued

Full recorded income and assets details are not normally issued:

  • to pensioners receiving the maximum rate,
  • following a pensioner initiated review (PIR), or
  • following a departmental initiated action (DIA).

According to Section 179 of the VEA, the Commission is a body corporate under the name of Repatriation Commission.