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Interim Forces

Member of the Interim Forces

A member of the Interim Forces is a person who enlisted or re-engaged, for continuous full-time service for not more than two years on or after 1 July 1947 and before 1 July 1949 to the Interim forces, or a unit of the defence forces.    

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Eligible war service

Service with the Interim Forces entitles a veteran to claim for a Disability Compensation Payment but not a service pension.    

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Requirement for Continuous Full-time Service

Section 1.2.3


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Eligible War Service

Section 1.2.2


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Continuous full-time service in relation to a member of the Defence Force means that a person must have served on a continuous full-time basis, as opposed to a part-time basis.

A period of continuous full-time service is required by a member of the Defence Force if they are to be considered as having eligible war service, operational service or defence service and access to the benefits associated with those forms of service.