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1.4.2 Peacekeeping Forces


Last amended: 1 June 2012




Following is a list of peacekeeping forces in which Australians have served:     

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Description of peacekeeping force

Initial date as a peacekeeping force

Security Council Commission of Investigation on the Balkans

29 January 1947

Committee of Good Offices

25 August 1947

United Nations Special Commission on the Balkans

26 November 1947

United Nations Commission on Korea

1 January 1949

United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan

1 January 1949

United Nations Commission for Indonesia

28 January 1949

United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation

1 June 1956

United Nations Operations in the Congo

1 August 1960

United Nations Yemen Observation Mission

1 January 1963

United Nations Force in Cyprus

14 May 1964

United Nations India-Pakistan Observation Mission

20 September 1965

United Nations Disengagement Observer Force

1 January 1974

United Nations Emergency Force II

1 July 1976

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

23 March 1978

Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Zimbabwe

24 December 1979

Sinai Multinational Force and Observers - established by the protocol between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel dated 3 August 1981

18 February 1982

United Nations Iran/Iraq Military Observer Group

11 August 1988

United Nations Border Relief Operation in Cambodia

1 February 1989

United Nations Transition Assistance Group Namibia

18 February 1989

United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

27 June 1991

The Australian Police Contingent of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia

18 May 1992

The Australian Police Contingent of the United Nations Operation in Mozambique

27 March 1994

Australian Defence Support to a Pacific Peacekeeping Force for a Bougainville Peace Conference

21 September 1994

The Australian Police Contingent of the Multi-National Force in Haiti

10 October 1994


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  • For more information on Peacekeeping Forces see Legislation Library, Schedule 3 VEA