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Qualifying service is conceded in the Northern Territory between 19 February 1942 and 12 November 1943 (the dates of the first and last air attacks) for an Australian Defence Force (ADF) member who served in this area for:

  • 3 months; or
  • A single day during a bombing raid.
Three Months' Service

Qualifying service is conceded to apply for ADF members who served for more than three months in the Northern Territory.  This is because a person there for any three month period within the dates listed above would have been in the area when a Japanese attack occurred somewhere above the 14 degree 30 minute parallel.

Less Than Three Months' Service

All other cases are judged on their individual merit.  An ADF member must show they incurred danger from hostile forces of the enemy.  The only time qualifying service is rejected is where a person was not in the general area of the bombing raid, and consequently did not incur danger.    

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