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1.3.2 Military Service in World War 2 - Outside Australia

Qualifying service

To be accepted as having rendered qualifying service for service pension during World War 2, a veteran must have incurred danger from hostile forces of the enemy. Veterans who served overseas in World War 2 may come under the Repatriation Commission's policy to accept that the veteran incurred danger.     

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The following table lists the places, times and conditions covered by this policy.


Applicable period

any area other than the 'West Pacific' area

3 September 1939 to 5 May 1945 (both dates included)

in the 'West Pacific' area (excluding Papua and New Guinea prior to 7/12/41)

'West Pacific' is the general area bounded by:

  • in the west, longitude 90 degrees east from the coast of Bangladesh

  • in the east, longitude 165 degrees east

  • in the south, latitude 10 degrees south including PNG

  • in the north, by and including the eastern regions of the Asian continent.

3 September 1939 to 15 August 1945 (both dates included)

Papua and New Guinea and New Britain

between 7 December 1941 and 15 August 1945 (both dates included)

in an aircraft engaged in operations against hostile forces or in patrols or reconnaissance over land occupied by hostile forces of the enemy

Where service falls outside the areas and dates above, the veteran will have to meet the incurred danger test.     

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Operational service

During World War 2, a person has operational service if they served:

  • on a continuous full-time basis
  • as a member of the defence force
  • outside Australia
  • during the period 3 September 1939 to 30 June 1951 (both dates included)

However, where a person became a member of the regular (peacetime) Defence Force toward the end of the war, that service is not recognised as operational service.     

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