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Determinations of Non-Warlike Service


A veteran whose service is recognised as non-warlike service has operational service.  Accordingly, such a person has service that may make them eligible for disability compensation payment.

Applicability to future conflicts

In all future conflicts in which Australian forces are engaged, the service of those involved will be determined to be either warlike service or non-warlike service by the Minister for Defence.

Applicability to past conflicts

The Minister for Defence may also make a determination that service in any past conflict is warlike or non-warlike service.

What is non-warlike service

Non-warlike service is service of a kind that is determined to be non-warlike service by the Minister for Defence.

What are non-warlike operations

Non-warlike operations are those military activities short of warlike operations where there is a risk associated with the assigned tasks and where the application of force is limited to self defence.  Casualties could occur but are not expected.  These operations encompass but are not limited to:

  • Hazardous activities that expose individuals or units to a degree of hazard above and beyond that of normal peacetime duty, such as:
  • mine avoidance and clearance;
  • weapons inspection and destruction;
  • Defence Force aid to civil power;
  • service protected or assisted evacuations; and
  • other operations requiring the application of minimum force to effect the protection of personnel or property.
  • Peacekeeping operations that involve military personnel, without powers of enforcement, to help restore and maintain peace in an area of conflict with the consent of all parties, such as:
  • activities short of peace enforcement where the authorisation of the application of force is normally limited to the minimum force necessary for self defence;
  • activities, such as the enforcement of sanctions in a relatively benign environment which expose individuals or units to hazards as described for hazardous activities above.
  • military observer activities with the tasks of monitoring ceasefires, re-directing and alleviating ceasefire tensions, providing 'good offices' for negotiations and the impartial verification of assistance or ceasefire agreements.
  • Activities involving the provision of humanitarian relief other than normal peacetime operations such as cyclone or earthquake relief flights or assistance.
Determinations of non-warlike service

The Minister for Defence recognises service as non-warlike service by issuing a Ministerial Determination listing the places where, and times during which, a person or unit must have served.

For a listing of all Ministerial determinations of non-warlike service see Ministerial Determinations in the legislation library.