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Determinations of Warlike Service

Warlike service

A veteran whose service is recognised as warlike service has both qualifying service and operational service.  Accordingly, such a person's service makes them eligible for both service pension and disability compensation payment.

What is warlike service

Warlike service is service of a kind that is determined to be warlike service by the Minister for Defence.

The Minister for Defence recognises service as warlike where a person or unit has been involved in warlike operations.

What are warlike operations

Warlike operations are those military activities where the application of force is authorised to pursue specific military objectives and there is an expectation of casualties.

Such operations can encompass but are not limited to:

  • a state of declared war;
  • conventional combat operations against an armed adversary; and
  • peace enforcement operations.
Applicability to future conflicts

In all future conflicts in which Australian forces are engaged, the service of those involved will be deemed to be either warlike service or non-warlike service by the Minister for Defence.

Applicability to past conflicts

The Minister for Defence may also make a determination that service in any past conflict is warlike or non-warlike service.

What are peace enforcement operations

Peace enforcement operations are military operations in support of diplomatic efforts to restore peace between aggressive parties who may not be consenting to intervention and may be engaged in combat activities.  Typically, these operations are conducted under chapter VII of the UN Charter, where the application of all necessary force is authorised to restore peace and security or other like tasks.

Determinations of warlike service

The Minister for Defence recognises service as warlike service by issuing a Ministerial Determination listing the places where, and times during which, a person or unit must have served.

For a listing of all Ministerial determinations of warlike service see Ministerial Determinations in the legislation library.