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motor vehicles

10.12.8 Replacing a motor vehicle

If the MRCC has previously subsidised the purchase of a motor vehicle for an eligible person, the person may be entitled to compensation for the purchase of a new or second-hand replacement motor vehicle.

Eligibility for a replacement vehicle

The guidelines for replacement of a MVCS funded motor vehicle are contained in the MVCS legislative instrument.

For a person to be eligible for a replacement vehicle, the following must apply:

10.12.13 Review of MVCS decisions

A person may request a review of a decision that has been made for compensation under the MVCS if they are dissatisfied with the decision. The person must provide reasons about why they consider that the decision is incorrect, it is not sufficient for the client to only state that they think the decision is wrong.

Requests for review vary slightly from the review process outlined in section 13.4 of this library in that:

10.12.4 Getting advice from an approved program provider

Delegates should request an assessment from a suitably qualified approved program provider, or a Driver Trained Specialist Occupational Therapist, in relation to the type of motor vehicle and/or modifications appropriate for the person given the nature of their impairment.

Any advice obtained should be considered when determining the amount of compensation payable under the MVCS.

An ‘approved program provider’ as defined by section 41(1) of the MRCA means: