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motor vehicles

10.12.14 Ownership of the motor vehicle provided by MVCS

If the MRCC subsidises the purchase of a motor vehicle for a person, the person is taken to be the legal owner of the motor vehicle.

However, the Commonwealth has a chattel mortgage interest in the motor vehicle to the extent of the amount of the subsidy. The conditions attached to a chattel mortgage include the following:

The motor vehicle cannot be:

10.12.6 Where an existing vehicle is not suitable for modification

In line with assistance available to SRCA clients, where it is not feasible for the client’s existing motor vehicle to be modified, funding may be provided for the cost difference between a suitable vehicle (acquired by the client at their own cost) with the option (for example, automatic transmission) fitted and a vehicle of a similar model without the option (for example, manual transmission). This may occur where the vehicle is too old, technically unsuitable, not cost effective or not safe to modify.

10.12.3 Assessing eligibility for MVCS

A person will only be entitled to compensation under the MVCS if an approved program provider or a Driver Trained Specialist Occupational Therapist has made a written recommendation that they are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the person would derive benefit directly from driving or being driven in a motor vehicle. The approved program provider or Driver Trained Specialist Occupational Therapist may take into account the benefits to the person’s physical and mental health and the person’s level of mobility without access to an appropriately modified motor vehicle.

10.12.2 Who is not eligible for MVCS?

A person will not be entitled to compensation under the MVCS if they are a resident of a care institution and are not capable of leaving that institution.

A “care institution” means:

  • a residential care facility;
  • a hospital;
  • a hospice;
  • a psychiatric institution; or
  • any similar institution that provides daily care for the person, but does not include the person’s private home.

A person is not entitled to compensation under the MVCS if the person receives or has received: