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10.1.2 The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

Legislative change extending eligibility to a DVA Health Card for Specific Conditions (White Card) for DRCA clients has created some changes in the way that aids and appliances are provided. DRCA clients who hold a White Card are now not able to access medical aids and appliances through section 16 of the DRCA. These changes mean that consideration must first be given to whether the required aid or appliance can be provided through RAP.

10.1 The Principles for the Provision of Alterations, Modifications, Aids & Appliances

The intention behind providing aids and appliances, modifications to vehicles and modifications/alterations to a person’s residence, workplace or educational setting is to enable a person to:

  • be as independent as possible;

  • effectively manage the impact of their accepted conditions; and

  • improve their quality of life.

    This chapter explains how requests for alterations, modifications, aids and appliances are managed and processed.