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DVA Reports


This topic provides links to a selection of Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) reports. Wherever possible, the link provided is to the report's location on the DVA website.

Please note that some of the older titles are only available in printed versions. If so, the link is to the publication's listing on the National Library of Australia catalogue.


Title and LinkYearDescription
DVA Reports

Health research publications


Topics include:

  • Gulf War Veterans' Health Study
  • Health Risks and Occupation as a Firefighter
  • Independent study into suicide in the ex-service community
  • Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) Health Studies
  • Peacekeepers' Health Study
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Program Review Reports
  • Review of Mental Health Care in the Australian Defence Force and Transition Through Discharge
  • Rwanda Deployment Health Study
  • Study of Health Outcomes in Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (SHOAMP)
  • The Health and Wellbeing of Female Vietnam and Contemporary Veterans
  • Timor-Leste Family Study
  • Vietnam Veterans' Family Study.

Social research publications


Topics include:

  • Australian Veterans and War Widows – Your lives your needs 2006
  • Service needs of contemporary DVA clients
  • Younger veterans’ transitions to civilian occupations: the role of further education.

Review of military compensation arrangements


The Review of Military Compensation Arrangements commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2011. The Steering Committee's report was released by the then Minister for Veterans' Affairs on 18 March 2011.

The then Government responded to the report of the Review on 8 May 2012, accepting 96 of the 108 recommendations.

Status report on the implementation of recommendations.

British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) - Independent review of historical evidence


The former Government made a commitment to further consider the recommendations of the Clarke Review that were not acted upon. An independent review was conducted of the historical evidence and its interpretation by DVA and Defence, and a noted expert in veterans’ entitlements law was engaged.

Clarke Review2003

The committee was asked to consider perceived anomalies in access to veterans' entitlements and levels of benefits and support provided to veteran disability pensioners.

A Fair Go - Report on Compensation for Veterans and War Widows


The Committee will review and make recommendations on the adequacy of the current Repatriation legislation for establishing entitlement to disability pension and war widows' pension, and associated policy and practice.

The Last Shilling - A history of repatriation in Australia1994

In a series of chronological and thematic chapters the authors explore the many functions and practices of 'Repat' - from hospitals to scholarships, training programmes to home loans - culminating in an examination of the Department of Veterans' Affairs in the 1980s.

Inquiry into the needs of Australian mariners, Commonwealth and allied veterans and allied mariners (McGirr Report)


An inquiry into the needs of Australian mariners, Commonwealth and allied veterans and allied mariners.

The Veterans' Entitlements Act Monitoring Committee Reports and Government Response


The Committee's primary role has been an examination of the extent to which the Government's stated intentions on the VEA have been achieved in practice.

The Report of the Advisory Committee on Repatriation Legislation Review


A comprehensive review of the Repatriation legislation to provide simplified legislation covering all Repatriation entitlements.

Independent Enquiry into the Repatriation System


Examination of welfare services and benefits for ex-servicemen & medical services for ex-servicemen by Mr. Justice P.B. Toose.