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You can access the Quick Reference Guides (QRG's) for using CLIK from here.

There are a number of these for general use, for those authorised to edit content, and for those who endorse and approve content to be published.

General Use Quick Reference Guides

Please see the documents referenced here on how to use CLIK, Search in CLIK and navigate.  You can also access the User Guides and Search Tools information.

Creating Content

For DVA staff only, you can access the 'Author' Quick Reference Guides at this link: Creating CLIK Content.

Approving, Authorising and Publishing content

DVA Staff only are able to access the 'Publisher' Quick Reference Guides at this link: Approving and Publishing CLIK Content.

Further information

For additional help, please contact the DVA General Enquiries mailbox.

Or for technical support by telephone, please contact 1800 555 254.