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4. Lone Pine

At Anzac Cove, the 1st Australian Division was given the perilous task of attacking Lone Pine, justifiably considered as one of the strongest Turkish positions. The Turks had shown considerable ingenuity in making it almost impregnable. The plans for the Australian attack were laid with thoroughness, skill and imagination. Shortly before dusk on 6 August, an Australian assault succeeded in capturing the Turkish trenches. Turkish reserves were rushed to Lone Pine and the long Turkish attempt to retake the trenches by bombing began. From dark on 6 August until the night of 9 August a terrible exchange of handmade bombs went on almost continuously, flaring up four times into many hours of desperate fighting when successive Turkish reinforcements were thrown in. In four days, six Australian battalions lost 80 officers and 2197 men. Seven Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross.