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11.6.1 Key Performance Indicators

Last amended 
13 April 2023

The following key performance indicators should form the basis of discussion in meetings with providers:

  • appropriate and timely services are delivered based on a client's assessed needs as agreed by the Rehabilitation Coordinator;
  • that client goals detailed in the rehabilitation plan are in line with the SMART approach and are whole-of-person focused;
  • that timely and quality reporting processes occur from the rehabilitation assessment through to closure of the rehabilitation plan;
  • that providers demonstrate pro-active case management skills including contacting the Rehabilitation Coordinator if there are any difficulties in meeting timeframes, and/or if there are significant changes to a client's health or circumstances, particularly where the client's health and safety is at risk because of mental health, alcohol or substance abuse issues;
  • independent and professional advice is gathered and informs throughout the rehabilitation process;
  • rehabilitation providers utilise best practice approaches to deliver whole-of-person rehabilitation support within our broad policy framework;
  • rehabilitation providers demonstrate familiarity with Goal Attainment Scaling in chapter 15 of this Guide and expertise in using Goal Attainment Scaling; and
  • rehabilitation providers demonstrate an understanding of the unique nature of military service and how this may impact on the person's rehabilitation and the types of supports and services they may require.

DVA maintains the right to choose the individual Rehabilitation Consultants within provider organisations who will manage individual cases. While we maintain the right to choose the individual consultants who manage our cases, consultants cannot transfer DVA clients with them when they change employer. This maintains the integrity of the referral process.