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10.5.1 Use of the CWPI amount in R&C ISH

Last amended 
26 May 2017

The CWPI for eligible 1988 impairments is used by R&C  ISH in two calculations:

  1. to calculate the amount of compensation for permanent impairment under S24 of the SRCA (1988 Act impairments), and
  2. if the investigation includes only 1988 impairments, as the 'A' amount in S27(2), which is an element of the formula for calculation of compensation for non-economic loss under S27 (1988 Act impairments).


The individual values to be used in the calculation and as displayed in the Calculator are subject to adjustment for the following reasons:

  • if the impairment is not eligible for compensation, the adjusted value will be zero
  • if the impairment is a hearing claim and there are other impairments, the value will be rounded to the nearest whole integer.

There are several resources available to assist in the use of R&C ISH for Permanent Impairment Determinations.  Please see the R&C ISH user guides for further details.