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10.2 Combining PI with Other Investigations


There are times when investigating other aspects of a compensation claim where the matter of permanency of a condition as well as level of impairment, as per the Approved Guide can be addressed. The most likely scenario would be investigating initial liability issues and PI issues at the one medical examination.

Delegates are encouraged to make use of the one medical examination to assess both of these matters. Naturally some discretion needs to be displayed in these situations. Not every claim will attract a PI payment and unless it seems likely to delegates that this is going to be the case liability questions only should be asked. This approach equally applies if it is clear that at the time of lodging the claim the claimant is undertaking active medical treatment.

If, however, the claimant has indicated they wish to claim PI and it seems likely that liability will be accepted the PI questions should be asked at the same time even it is apparent that a PI payment will not be approved.