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6.7.3 Injury and 'sequelae' to be administered under the same file reference


'Sequelae' are medical conditions which, although a medical condition clearly distinguishable from the original injury, have nevertheless arisen as a progression of, or as a consequence of, the original injury. For instance, onset of osteoarthritis in a knee joint arising from an earlier traumatic injury to that knee or onset of a mental illness in response to pain and disability of that knee, are both medical sequelae.

A claim for a sequelae condition usually requires a separate claim by the employee which need not be on a claim form, but must be requested in writing.  A sequelae claim will always require a separate Determination of liability.

However, whatever the result, a new file should not be opened to accommodate Determinations for sequelae. Sequelae should be dealt with on the file relating to the original condition.  See the Defcare user manual for instructions on the systems administration of sequelae claims.