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6.14.1 1971 Act (on and after 1 July 1986)


Sections 54 and 54A of the 1971 Act, in its form after amendments on 1 July 1986 by Act No 33 of 1986, required a written claim for compensation in reasonably similar form to S54 of the SRCA 1988. Those sections of the 1971 Act stated:

Manner of making claim for compensation

54. Compensation is not payable under this Act to a person unless a claim in writing for the compensation was served on the Commissioner, by or on behalf of the person, in accordance with Section 54A.

Service of documents on Commissioner

54A.For the purposes of this Act, service of a document on the Commissioner shall be affected by giving the document to the Commissioner or to a delegate of the Commissioner.

Where the date of claim is on or after 1 July 1986, Delegates should follow procedures which are consistent with those for claims under the 1988 Act.