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6.1.2 Serving members should lodge through ADF channels


In the case of claims by serving ADF members, the preferred policy is for any such claims should be directed to RCG via ADF channels (such as ADF Rehabilitation).  The Transition Management Service is also available to serving members, to assist with claim lodgement and for the coordination of entitlements (i.e. relating to those facing medical discharge.

However, Delegates should be aware that because of the ADF's emphasis on physical and mental fitness for deployment, many ADF members become very concerned about the effects that a known compensation claim may have on their military career. Although this perception may be unfounded, some members would prefer not to submit a claim at all, in the event that it must be submitted through their Unit. Ultimately, this failure to claim while still serving may seriously disadvantage the member in formulating their case for liability. For this reason, Delegates should only encourage, but not insist, that claims be lodged via the member's Unit.