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25.1.4 Things which may be 'reasonable disciplinary action'


Reasonable disciplinary action may include processes such as:

  • any process in accordance with the Defence Force Discipline Act, including:

–appearance before an officer on a formal charge of misconduct

–a court martial

  • and/or disciplinary consequences of such action e.g.:
  • a caution (disciplinary action need not necessarily be designed to punish):
  • a verbal reprimand (formal or informal) by a supervising officer/NCO
  • imposition of extra duty and/or denial of leave
  • monetary penalties
  • demotion, confinement to military prison or confinement to barracks etc.
  • removal of employment benefits and/or dismissal.

An investigation as to whether disciplinary action is warranted, is not in itself disciplinary action:

...action taken to determine whether or not disciplinary action will be taken against an employee, although it may be characterised as part of a system or process to maintain discipline, is not action within the meaning of the definition ...