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17.1.2 1971 Act


Travel provisions under the 1971 Act are quite different in form to those under the SRCA. Travel during the currency of the 1971 Act is governed by Sections 32 to 36 of that Act.

Section 32:

  • 'Journey to or from employment' does not require the 'residence' to be the origin/destination. While the journey must involve the place of employment the other origin/destination may be any other location(s).
  • Journeys to be 'reasonably direct' but excepting those cases where work related reasons intervene or the risk of injury is not substantially increased.
  • Journeys during 'ordinary recesses' are covered by the Act.

Section 33:

  • Journeys to and from employment to occur within specified periods prior to and following the period of employment.
  • The above requirement is to take into account the type of transport available.

Section 34:

  • Refers only to employees who as 'an incident of ... employment' are provided with accommodation by the employer.
  • Covers journeys to and from the residence which are journeys other than journeys to or from employment.
  • Requires those journeys to be within certain set periods in relation to starting and finishing times for employment.

Section 35:

  • Where several journeys are undertaken within the periods specified in S33 and S34 only the first of those journeys has compensation coverage.

Section 36:

  • Defines 'journey to' and 'journey from' and 'work' for the purposes of the travel provisions in the previous sections.
  • Includes the journey to take up employment in the case of an intending recruit (i.e. even if rejected) and the return journey made by a member after termination of his employment.