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17.1.1 SRCA


Section 6(1)(b) of the SRCA extends liability for compensation where the member was 'travelling between' certain specified places:

(ii)place of residence and place of work

(iii)normal place of residence and temporary place of residence

(iv)two places of work

(v)place of work or residence and place of education

(vii)place of work or residence and certain other places specified in S6(1)(b)(vii) of the SRCA.

It is possible for an injury to have 'arisen out of, or in the course of employment' even if the above special deeming provisions of S6(1)(b) do not apply to the journey in question. Quite obviously, journeys undertaken whilst on duty, i.e. for purposes of employment and/or at the direction of the employer, would be compensable.

Note that changes to the SRCA effective 13 April 2007 have amended Section 6, however as MRCA now covers journeys for ADF members on/after 1 July 2004 any journey claims will come under the old provisions outlined above.