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16.2 Summary - Accidental Injury at Work or Travel


Section 6 and 6A of the SRCA sets out a number of specific circumstances in which an injury to an employee is to be treated as having arisen out of or in the course of the employment.

Section 6(1)(b) of the SRCA extends liability for compensation in circumstances where the member was:

(b)(i)              at the place of work or temporarily absent during an 'ordinary recess'

(b)(ii)              travelling between place of residence and place of work

(b)(iii)              travelling between normal place of residence and temporary place of residence

(b)(iv)              travelling between two places of work

(b)(v)              travelling between place of work or residence and place of education

(b)(vi)              at the place of education referred to at (b)(v)

(b)(vii)              travelling between the place of work or the place of residence AND certain other places for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment, a medical examination, a medical certificate, compensation payments or for other matters related to compensation administration or vocational rehabilitation.

The 1971 Act also includes further provisions with respect to journeys taken to other places.

Each of these subjects will be dealt with in turn.

Note: the SRCOLA 2007 changes removed the journey provisions to and from a place of residence and ordinary recess provisions away from the workplace. However these amendments will not affect claims under the SRCA as any journey related accidents after 13 April 2007 will be covered under the MRCA not the SRCA for ADF members.