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13.1 What are Statements of Principles (SOP)


Delegates should make themselves aware of the Statement of Principles (SOPs) determined by the Repatriation Medical Authority (RMA) on the basis of sound medical scientific evidence.  The SOPs are legal instruments which provide the means by which specified diseases and injuries may be related to service when determining claims under the VEA or MRCA.  Each SOP condition has two instruments which reflect the different standards of proof that apply under the VEA and MRCA:  reasonable hypothesis (RH) and balance of probabilities (BOP).  The relevant SOP sets out the minimum requirements to be met in order for a VEA or MRCA delegate to accept the subject medical condition as Defence Caused or War Caused under the relevant Act.  The SOPs take the part of medical opinion or expertise with regard to aetiology thereby ensuring efficiency and consistency when determining liability under the VEA or MRCA.