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13.1.3 Limitations of SOPs for DRCA purposes


However, DRCA cases can seldom be accepted on the strength of an RMA SOP alone.  To accept liability for a particular medical condition requires more than confirmation that the disease may be caused by the factors cited in the relevant SOP.  A medical examination and opinion confirming or discounting employment factors as 'probably' causing the particular condition will generally be required.  All of the available evidence must be considered.  RMA SOPs can be an effective tool for quickly eliminating fanciful contentions or for elucidating other likely causes of the particular condition claimed.  They can also provide a useful check on the credibility or otherwise of a specialist report.  Where there is a clear conflict between the two, the doctor should be invited to comment in the light of the relevant SOP.  The decision should reflect the delegate's judgement on the response provided.