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10.7.1 Examples of a sequela


For example, development of osteoarthritis in a left knee joint which had previously suffered a split articular surface in a compensable fall would, if medical opinion established a causative link between the two, be a sequela of that original knee condition. Similarly, in that case, the right knee condition may also be accepted for compensation as a sequela of the left knee condition(s).

How can the Delegate be satisfied that a new injury was sustained as claimed? One possible way would be for the Delegate to seek a Statutory Declaration from the employee stating the exact circumstances and cause of the accident and the exact symptoms suffered following the accident (and injury). Similar Statutory Declaration(s) by any friend(s) or family member(s) would also be most helpful to the Delegate. While a Statutory Declaration is not of course 'evidence' of the matters to which it refers, we in policy consider that most employees' preparedness to complete such a declaration can reasonably be seen to be supportive of any assertions that are made in it.