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10.2 Changes to the SRCA Injury & Disease Definitions on/after 13 April 2007


The SRCA was amended by the Safety Rehabilitation Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2007 (SRCOLA) in particular removing the definitions of injury and disease in S4 and replacing them with:

  • S5A – Definition of Injury
  • S5B – Definition of Disease

The definition of injury remains the same but extends the definition of exclusionary provisions – reasonable administrative action – discussed at 25.1.12.

The definition of disease has been amended from 'material contribution' to employment contributing to a 'significant degree'.

These changes only apply to diseases or injuries sustained after the amendments came into effect on 13 April 2007 including if the 'date of injury' is first onset of a disease or first date of medical treatment (s7(4)).  Any injuries or diseases sustained prior 13 April 2007 will still attract the old definitions under S4.