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4.5.1 No Economic Dependants


Where a person can be described by one of the categories of familial relationships specified in the definition of 'dependant' at s(4)1, but nevertheless can not demonstrate economic dependence on the deceased, that person can not be a 'dependant'. Nothing is payable under S17 of the SRCA to such a person.  Read also 1.10 of this chapter, as this also deals with this topic.


Where there were no persons 'dependent for economic support', nothing is payable under Section 17 of the Act in respect of that death.


Furthermore, the Additional Death Benefit (ADB) under the Defence Act is payable only if:

10.5.5 ' (1)(c.)...SRC compensation in respect of the injury is payable to, or for the benefit of, the spouse or 1 or more dependent children...'

and therefore in such circumstances, nothing is payable under the Defence Act either.