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4.1.2 The delegates investigation re: 'dependants'


The main practical problem to be overcome by a delegate, is that 'dependant' covers a wide field of possible claimants from the deceased's extended (and/or former) family. Some may not have been in direct contact with the employee as the 'dependency' may relate to a semi-automatic transfer of money (for instance a periodic payment from a bank account). Thus, apart from a spouse and children living with the deceased employee, it may not be obvious who all the potentially entitled persons are, or where they may be. Those persons may not be aware of their status under the Act, or even, on occasion, of the death itself. Some may be children in the care of unrelated persons and can not be relied upon to identify themselves. Some family members may even try to conceal the dependent status of other potential dependants in order to maximise their own benefit and that of their children.