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4.6 Obligations for Disability Compensation Payment and Allowances

Last amended 
11 May 2022

4.6.1Veterans and dependants must notify the Department within 14 days in the following circumstances:

  • Intermediate Rate Disability Compensation Payment recipients (INT): if the veteran commences paid work, or increases the hours in paid work, and is employed in excess of 50% of the time ordinary people engage in employment, or is undertaking, or capable of undertaking, 20 or more hours per week, (refer to section 23 VEA).
  • Disability Compensation Payment recipients (any rate): change of address.
  • Special Rate of Disability Compensation Payment recipients (T&PI): if paid work is commenced or if the hours of paid work are increased.
  • If a Disability Compensation Payment recipient claims, receives or becomes entitled to receive any payment by way of compensation or damages from the Commonwealth, a State or Territory for a disability accepted by the Department as service related.
  • If a recipient of Attendant's Allowance (AA) or Recreation Transport Allowance (RTA) is admitted to an institution (including hospital) where they are cared for at public expense (the meaning of Public Expense is outlined in DI B10/94 and DI B11/94).
  • If a war widow/widower pensioner claims, receives or becomes entitled to receive any payment, compensation or damages relating to their spouse's death.
  • Income Support Supplement recipients: if a child 16 years or over in their care, custody and control ceases full time education or is granted a living allowance under an Australian Government education scheme.
  • A recipient of the single or double Orphan's Pension: if they apply for/are granted assistance under any Australian Government education scheme, other than the Veterans' Children Education Scheme (VCES).
  • If a recipient of the single/double orphans pension is over 16 years of age and receives VCES they are not eligible for the Family Tax Benefit from Centrelink and must notify Centrelink within 14 days if they apply or are granted an allowance under the VCES.

Note:This list is not exhaustive, and the normal obligations and review provisions apply to veterans participating in the Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme.