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DVA Health Card For Specific Conditions (White Card)

Last amended 
17 March 2015

Last amended: 12 December 2002


Entitlements under White Card

The White Card entitles the holder to treatment, for their specific conditions only, at departmental expense. The holder should present their White Card when they visit a:

  • doctor, medical specialist, or pharmacist,
  • dentist or dental prosthetist,
  • optometrist or ophthalmologist,
  • any other health care professional who provides services under DVA arrangements, or
  • hospital.    More →
Who is eligible for a White Card


A White Card is issued to Australian veterans or mariners with an accepted war or service caused injury or disease.

A White Card is also issued to Australian veterans, current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, and certain Reservists who are eligible for non-liability health care(NLHC) treatment for the following conditions whether service-related or not:

  • cancer (malignant neoplasm),
  • pulmonary tuberculosis, and
  • any mental health condition.

From mid-2018, eligible transitioning members of the ADF are automatically issued a White Card for NLHC mental health treatment.

White Card holders are not subject to the income test and assets test to determine their eligibility, however, the income and assets test may prevent them from being eligible for the Gold Card.

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Treatment for White Card holders while overseas

White Cards can be used anywhere in Australia but can not be used overseas. White Card holders travelling or residing overseas are only eligible to receive treatment for injuries or diseases that have been accepted as war- or service-caused, and should contact DVA prior to departing Australia for information about arangements for treatment while overseas. Treatment while overseas is not available under NLHC arrangements.

Eligibility through agreement with other countries

DVA acts as an agent for certain countries whose entitled ex-service personnel live in Australia. These countries are:

  • New Zealand,
  • Canada,
  • South Africa, and
  • United Kingdom.

Veterans from these countries receive a White Card and are only entitled to treatment for their accepted disabilities. Their respective country reimburses DVA for the cost of their treatment.    

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The Repatriation Health Card - For Specific Conditions (White Card) entitles its holder to treatment of 'accepted' disabilities, ie injuries, illnesses or diseases accepted by the Repatriation Commission as caused by war or other forms of eligible service. 

Depending on eligibility, Australian veterans may also be entitled to treatment of:

  • pulmonary tuberculosis (whether war caused or not) ;
  • malignant cancer (neoplasia) (whether war caused or not); and
  • any mental health condition (whether war caused or not);

where DVA has accepted a claim for treatment for those conditions.

Once the application for treatment only is approved by the Repatriation Commission a White Card is issued indicating that the Commission has accepted responsibility for the treatment of these conditions. 

Treatment for any unidentified condition that arises within 15 years of an eligible period of service is available to all veterans, members of the Defence Force, or peacekeepers with an eligible period of service.  The treatment is available once the application is approved by the Repatriation Commission and a White Card is issued. Treatment coverage continues until the condition is diagnosed and a decision is then made as to whether the now identified condition is service related or not.  Treatment is continued for those identified conditions accepted as service related.  Treatment ceases for those rejected as service related.



The Department of Veterans' Affairs.

The Australian Defence Force includes:

  • Australian Army
  • Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
  • Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

One element of the means test for income support pensions whereby the rate of pension payable to a pensioner reduces progressively as their income increases above a certain threshold known as the income free area (IFA).



One element of the means test for income support pensions whereby the rate of pension payable to a pensioner reduces progressively as their assets increase above a certain threshold known as the assets value limit (AVL).

The Repatriation Health Card - For All Conditions is gold in colour and frequently referred to simply as the “Gold Card”.  The card entitles its holder to obtain health care and related services for all the person's identified health care needs, whether they are war-caused or not.