Last amended: 11 February 2010

Payment rates



SCH6-G2 VEA - Rate of remote area allowance.

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The RAA rate payable depends on the person's family situation. In partnered situations, it will be necessary to determine a rate for each member of the couple. Fact Sheet IS 30 accessed through the link at the end of this paragraph contains the current pension rates, limits and allowances summary including RAA.    

Payment arrangements

RAA is added to a person's rate of pension after the application of the income and assets tests, and paid automatically with the pension instalment every fortnight.

Payments of RAA where pension rate is nil


To be eligible to receive RAA, a person must be receiving a service pension or income support supplement at a rate greater than nil. The only exception is where a pension has been reduced to nil in order to recover a lump sum advance. In this case, RAA is still payable. .