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5.12.2 Eligibility for Pension Supplement


Last amended 17 December 2012

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for pension supplement (PSup) a pensioner must be a recipient of an invalidity service pension, age service pension or partner service pension.    

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If a pensioner is living overseas or if, they have been away from Australia on a temporary basis for longer than 6 weeks, they are only eligible for the basic amount of pension supplement.     

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Service Pension Eligibility

Chapter 3.1

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The pension supplement is added to a person's maximum basic rate. The pension supplement is calculated as a 'combined couple' rate. The 'not a member of a couple' rate is 66.33% of the 'combined couple' rate. The member of a couple rate is 50% of the combined couple rate. From 1 July 2010, the minimum pension supplement amount will be able to be claimed on a quarterly basis rather than on a fortnightly basis.