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5.11.2 Payability of Seniors Supplement

Note: Seniors supplement was paid from 20 September 2009 to 20 June 2015.  The following information is provided for historical purposes only.


When seniors supplement was payable  

Seniors supplement (SSup) was payable to a person in relation to each day on which the person was eligible for the supplement.


When seniors supplement was not payable    

SSup was not payable to a person if:

  • they were temporarily absent from Australia for greater than 6 weeks,
  • they had elected not to receive SSup and that election had not been withdrawn, or
  • they had not provided a payment destination (bank account details) within the period requested by DVA.
Failure to provide payment destination    

For SSup to be payable, a person must have provided a payment destination (bank account details), if these bank account details were not provided within 28 days of being requested (or a longer period determined by Commission) SSup ceased to be payable to the person.

Once bank account details were provided, the allowance became payable from the date the details were provided.      

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