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4.1.8 Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) Safety Net Provisions for certain Disability Compensation Payments

Last amended 
1 January 2022


Participation in VVRS




VVRS assists veterans to find, or continue in, suitable paid employment. Services are provided on the basis of assessed need and subject to the likelihood of their obtaining a suitable and sustainable employment outcome.     

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Income safety net provided by VVRS




In the two years period immediately following commencement of remunerative work as a result of undertaking the vocational rehabilitation program, veterans on the special or intermediate rate pension will be paid 100% of the general rate and half of the difference between that general rate and either the special or intermediate rate (whichever they were receiving).  The next five years, while remaining in employment, the pension is gradually reduced to 100% of the general rate.  However, the special or intermediate rate pension status and all ancillary benefits are retained.

Note: The initial two-year period of pension reduction does not recommence after a period of not working. The exclusion period is generally for two calendar years, following the commencement of remunerative employment. The two-year period ceases on the day before the first CPI indexation day following the two-year anniversary.

The Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) was established in December 1997 to assist eligible veterans to find, or continue in, suitable paid employment, with particular emphasis on:

  • facilitating the transition from service in the ADF to suitable paid employment;
  • assisting those veterans whose jobs are in jeopardy to retain suitable paid employment; and
  • in conjunction with Part VIA of the VEA, provide an income safety net for certain veterans in receipt of pensions under sections 23 or 24 of the Act, or invalidity service pension, who wish to engage in suitable paid employment.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary and there are no penalties for withdrawal from, or failure to complete, an approved program. DVA will engage a VVRS contracted service provider that will assign a rehabilitation case manager to oversee the rehabilitation process for the Department. The VVRS contracted Case Manager will undertake a full rehabilitation assessment which will identify the client's vocational needs.