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Last amended 
11 January 2017 Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Income Support Bonus paid by DHS ceased in December 2016, with the last payment to their clients being Septemer 2016.  The information below is for historical purposes only.

Income Management

The Income Support Bonus is not Income Managed for DVA clients in receipt of an education allowance under the VCES or MRCAETS as their education allowance (ie: their primary payment) is not subject Income Management.

See DVA Factsheet: Welfare Payment Reforms IS150

Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA)

DHS clients whose social security payments are reduced to nil because their DVA Disability Pension is included in the means-test but receive DFISA, were eligible for the Income Support Bonus (as though they were in payment of their social security payment) from DHS. 

Despite the DFISA name including the word ‘allowance’, the eligibility for the Income Support Bonus was derived from the social security payment, not DFISA itself.