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13.11.5 Function and Meetings


13.11.5 Function and Meetings

See paragraph 6.5 of the Instruments

Under section 117(5)(e) of the VEA and section 258(3)(d) of the MRCA, Boards may perform such functions in connection with the operation of the Scheme as are conferred on them under the Scheme.

The functions referred to in paragraph 6.5.1 include:

(a) providing and arranging expert guidance to assist students in the planning of their studies;

(b) assisting in supervising the education of primary and secondary students and in monitoring their progress;

(c) referring students and their families to community welfare, education, guidance and counselling services where appropriate;

(d) making recommendations to the Commission on matters relating to the education of the students;

dealing with all matters in connection with students’ education or career training that are referred to them by the Commission.

(e) subject to paragraph 9.2 (consent of original members), acting as MRCA Children’s Boards.