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13.11.4 Termination of Appointment


13.11.4 Termination of Appointment

See paragraph 6.4 of the Instruments

The Commission may, on the recommendation of a Board, terminate the appointment of any member of a Board on the grounds of:

(a) repeated absences from Board meetings; or

(b) physical or mental incapacity; or

(c) misbehaviour; or

(d) resignation or dismissal from the nominating organisation; or

(e) the member’s wish to resign; or

(f) the withdrawal of support for the member’s continued membership of the Board by the member’s nominating organisation.

In the event of a vacancy occurring by reason of repeated absences, the death, termination of appointment, resignation or forfeiture of office of any member of an Education Board, the vacancy may be filled for the remainder of that member’s term of appointment.