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13.11.3 Appointment


13.11.3 Appointment

See paragraph 6.3 of the Instruments

Board members may be appointed by the Commission for an initial period of 3 years. The Board members may then be reappointed by the Commission for such further period as the Commission determines.

Appointment of members, to the Board shall be on the basis of a selection procedure whereby:

(a) the Board Secretary and Chairperson shall inform the nominating organisations of the nature of the Board’s contribution to the Scheme; and

(b) nominating organisations shall:

(i) select individuals on the basis of the direct contribution they could make to the Children’s Education Scheme in terms of interpersonal skills and educational contacts and relevant, educational experience;

(ii) provide more than one nomination wherever possible; and

(iii) provide a full resume for those nominated; and

(c) a Board Chairperson and a person nominated by the Commission shall interview prospective nominees to inform them of the functions of the Board and the commitment expected from Board members; and

(d) the appointment of a member to a Board shall be made by the Commission subject to the MRCC approving the appointment. The Commission is to notify the MRCC of a proposed appointment to a Board (which notice may be in electronic form) and the MRCC is to notify the Commission of its approval or rejection of the proposed appointment (which notice may be in electronic form).